Solideq finds good solutions together with Ramirent

Bergen Cathedral was built in the 12th century and underwent renovations from 1880 to 1883. It is an impressive cathedral that is more than 60 metres tall and 20 metres wide. When the cathedral roof needed renovation, Ramirent was assigned the task of scaffolding and roof-over-roof.

Solideq finds good solutions together with Ramirent

Ramirent is one of Norway's largest total suppliers of scaffolding and roof-over-roof systems. These are found in 8 other countries besides Norway. They have got one of the largest equipment fleets for rent in Europe and employ 3,000 people.

Solideq was involved in the project from the beginning and there were major challenges in relation to the structure of the roof. The roof was very wide and had two different angles. There were no points for attachment, which would result in a lot of stand-alone scaffolding. Such a solution would not have withstood the external and internal forces acting on the scaffolding. This challenge was given to Solideq by Ramirent. See how our engineers solved the task in this video.

Solideq seeks new KAM salesperson in Oslo

21 October 2021

We have lately seen very positive growth. In order to maintain our excellent service offering to our customers, we are now seeking a KAM salesperson in Oslo.